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Tom Frey



Tom grew up in the Kansas City area and has owned numerous business enterprises.  Twenty-five years ago, Tom came to Fort Scott to look at Cutting horses, as he drove through the area Tom felt there were some great real estate opportunities.  Tom pursued these opportunities in purchasing several properties, and his relationship with the community quickly grew.


In addition to many other business ventures, Tom has held a real estate broker license since 1986 and has bought, sold, and developed real estate in several communities.  Tom wife Suzie, and their dog Hannah, have become familiar faces in the community as they are here on a regular basis to maintain their properties.  Toms main past time when he’s not making real estate deals and maintaining his properties is riding and competing on Cutting horses.  Stewart Realty is fortunate to have Tom, his extensive real estate and financial expertise as one of our valued agents.  

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