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Dakota Welch



Dakota grew up in Bourbon County and went on to college first at Pittsburg State University and then finished up an economics degree at KU.  Upon entering the professional world, he worked a few years in sales and in financial services but has spent most of his career as an ag & rural lender for nearly a decade in both Northeast Kansas and more recently in West Central Missouri near Harrisonville. He and his wife Mary reside in the Kansas City area but still spend many weekends back in Bourbon County, where they own a small acreage and where his parents and some family still reside.  Dakota likes to spend his time helping graze a small cow calf herd on their acreage, and when time allows, he and his wife like to travel and enjoy the great outdoors.

Helping farmers and ranchers to achieve their goals is a passion of Dakota’s, as he’s spent most of his career helping traditional family farm operations with their lending needs, including farm purchases. He sees the opportunity to better serve agriculture by bringing landowners and producers together in a seamless transition so that the next generation of producers can begin to steward the land. In addition to having worked with farm and ranch operations, Dakota also brings a network from his lending days to this new chapter of his career in real estate, which includes recreational land buyers and individuals interested in investing in land in rural Kansas and Missouri.  Whether you’re a landowner that’s considering passing on a legacy, or a farmer or rancher that’s looking for an opportunity to begin, grow or expand your operation, Dakota is eager to help you along the way.

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